BMW E numbers and what they mean.


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I'm just not finding an answer to this one:sad2:. Does anyone know what the E numbers mean and how they relate to BMW's. Is it random with one for each new BMW model that comes out? Are they all assigned in sequence? Is there an E1?

It seems to be the case that each owner knows what E model number he has but no-one i've spoken to yet can give info on how the numbers work?

I think we should start a list of what models/years the E numbers relate to?

Anyone want to kick the list off.
lol . . You've only said that cos you bought the new edition of Performance bmw and it's all in the back !!

Ok, here goes . . .

[SIZE=-1]114 / E6[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]E10 / E12[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]67 - 77[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]1502, 1600, 1602, 1800, 1802, 2000, 2002ti/tii[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]E10 was the touring three door model[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E20 was the 2002 tii & turbo[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E3 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]68 - 77 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2500, 2800, Bavaria, 3.0S/Si, 3.3Li[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E9 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]65- 75[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2000CS, 2500CS, 2800CS, 3.0CS/i/L[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E12 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]72- 81 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]518, 518i, 520, 520i, 535, 525i, 528i, 530i, M535i[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E21[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]75-83 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]316, 318i, 320, 320i/s, 323i [/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E23[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]78-87 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]725i, 728, 728i, 730i, 732i, 733i, 735i, 745i, L7[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E24[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]77-89 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]628i, 630CS/i, 633CSi, 635CSi, M635CSi, L6 (highline)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E26[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]78-81 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]M1[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E28[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]82-88 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]518i, 520i, 524td, 525i/e, 528e, 533i, 535i, M535i, M5[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E30[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]83-91 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]316, 316i, 318i/s, 320i, 323i, 324td, 325e, 325i/ix/is, M3[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E31[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]90 on [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]840i, 840Ci, 850i, 850Ci, 850CSi[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E32 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]88-94 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]730i, 735i/iL, 740i/iL, 750iL[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E34[/SIZE][SIZE=-1] 88-96 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]518i, 520i, 525i/x, 525td/s, 530i, 535i, 540i, M5[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]Z1 (E30) [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]89-91 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Z1 convertible[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]Z3 (E36/7) [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]96 on [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Z3 convertible and Z3 coupe (Z5)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E36 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]91 - 99 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]316i, 318i/s/ti/tds, 320i, 323i, 325i/td/tds, 328i/s, M3,Z3[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E38 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]95 - 2002 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]728i, 730i, 730d, 735i, 740i/iL, 750i/L[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E39 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]97 - 2003 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]late 1990s 5 series 520i, 523i, 528i, 530d, 535i, 540i, M5[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E46[/SIZE][SIZE=-1] late 98 - 2005 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Fourth 3 series[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E52 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2000 - 2002 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Z8 Roadster [/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E53 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2000 - 2007 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]X5 four wheel drive SAV[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E60 E61 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2002 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Current five series, E61 is touring variant[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E63 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]late 2001 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]New six series at last! 635Ci, 645Ci, M6.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E64 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2003 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Six series cabriolet[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E65 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2002 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Current seven series (the ugly one)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E66 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2002 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]long wheel base E65 seven series[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E70 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2007 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Second generation X5[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E81 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]late 2002 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]1 series three door[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E83 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2003 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]X3 SAV[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E85 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2002 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Z4 Roadster[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E86 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2006 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Z4 Coupe[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E87 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2003 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]1 series five door.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E90 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2005 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Fifth three series, 4 door saloon[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E91 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2005 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Fifth three series, touring five door[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E92 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2006 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Fifth three series, coupe[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]E93 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]2007 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Fifth three series, cabriolet[/SIZE]

are you impressed with my knowledge ?? :lol::lol:

oh, ok, I found it on the net :lol:

Please don't ask me what all those E's mean though !! lol

the links to the models should work too
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An impressive list - thanks for the research Paul much appreciated. I looked and couldn't find anything online. At least I know.

So if there are any missing from this list then post them up?
found this on the net

When you’re at a table with a few car enthusiasts, you’d hear them flinging around words like W211, E36, GC8, E90, EK, EG, SV4, H22A and 4G93 as if it were some alien language code. Some of those are car numbers, and some are engine models. No self-respecting car enthusiast refers to car models by their years, they use the chassis codes. BMW has been using the E-code for their cars. The timeless 5-series is the E39. The hot make-you-wet-your-undergarments 3-series before the current Bangle-fied one is the E46, while the latest Bangle-fied 3-series is the E90, with the station wagon being the E91 and the soon to be released coupe being the E92.

The E in the E-code stands for Entwicklung, which means evolution or development in German. Motor Trend reports that BMW will be dropping the E-code and using a new F-code as the E-code is already nearing it’s limits in terms of numbers since it’s reached 90 already with the latest 3-series. The 2009 BMW 7-series will be called the F01 and the L long wheelbase version (750iL?) will be called the F02. The next 5-series will be known as the F10. Note that facelifts do not entitle a new chassis code as it is essentially the same platform with a facelift.

and also on bmw engines - if it starts with an 'M' then its a bmw designed engine, if its an 'S' then its a bmw engine thats had a trip to the 'M-power' dept. bit back to front if you ask me, but hey!

so that explains the M20,M30,M70 etc, the next bit of the engine code is a 'B' which is for benzin (or petrol) and the displacement eg B50 would be a petrol 5.0litre, i believe diesels use the format M20D23 (dont know if thats a real engine - just an example of an engine code)

sometimes you get a letter right at the end for specific versions of an engine (an example would be M20B25V whiich is a M20 engine with 2.5 litre displacement and a carberettor)
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