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rover 200 1.4si ish
if im right you dont need to lower the cr/raito ? as i would like one of them:bigsmile: for my rover 200.( 1.6si) would the fuel injection go ie back to carbs as i think carbs give more grunt under load plus i brought 4 single carbs new with solid brass piston slides and thay would look sexy i think
made most of the linkege my self from a computer HD
4 single carbs will not work. The airflow in the intake manifold will be constantly stopping and starting. You'll wind up with poor cylinder charging and atomised fuel condensing on the inside of the intake manifold. Carbs rely upon the intake air flowing steadily to maintain a constant manifold depression or partial vacuum.

Much as it's fashionable to dislike injectors, they do work supremely well. Retro is fun and entertaining but more often than inferior to modern approaches to fuel delivery.

4 carbs to feed a 6 litre V8 is fine, it's a lot hungrier for air. But I'd still question the overall efficiency compared to a well configured injector fed setup.

Is your car using throttle body injection (1 injector) or multipoint injection (4, in this case)?
i the same as hdi would not bother with the carbs they dont do anything but go wrong and drink fuel
if you had a big v8 then maybe but then only a old one

i have 2 trans ams one 6.6 4 barrel carb the other a 5.7 inj the 5.7 wins on power any day its a lot quicker the 6.6 sounds better but thats it
Is this setup gonna be like ITB's then?
For a standard engine I agree with the above. But if the engine is going to be upgraded for more power then ITB's are the way to go. But not on a standard engine. Either way you will never get much more power from a 1.6 without spending £££££££££'s.
This setup is what i'm talking about

But like I said the engine would need extensive work for these to be any use.
sexey carbs , spot on. would like these on car, may drink more run lumpy ect but look great . thinking of a show car? carbs on my groupe have a look
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sorry about the pic but its the only one that you can see the carb but this is a carb to have if you are going to do it do it right lol


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