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What is the best way to improve my cars braking on a tight budget?

Will decent pads make much difference? What about getting some performance discs and pads from a breakers yard from say a VR6, RS3 or GTi model?

Will I need a bigger servo/reservoir to convert the discs?
Upgrade the pads ,SS braided lines, and you will only need biggerbrake master IF the capacity/volume of upgraded calipers allows the pedal to go closer to the floor when braking.

I had my sliding caliper single piston front brakes changed to 4 piston calipers installed they bored and SS sleeved the existing master so in addition to that bringing the pedal higher/back to where it was before the swap the SS sleeves will never corrode and cause fluid leaks.
Tight budget:
Remove calipers and make sure pistons are free moving
Replace existing flexible hoses with good quality stanless steel braided hoses.
Change the fluid.
A good quality brake pad but don't be tempted to use race or harder pads as these only work when very hot.
The difference will be noticable.

PS. If discs are scored, warped or show signs of uneven heating replace them.
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