Bailey DV30 Recirculating Dump Valve

01 Audi TT Quattro
I recently install a Bailey DV30 recirculating dump valve in my 2001 Audi TT quatrro. I haven't made any other modification to the car so i was wondering if installing the DV30 would hurt the car's performance more then help? I guess what i'm trying to figure out is if the car doesn't have any extra turbo boost, would the DV30 value function properly?
After install the DV30, I have notice a lot less lag at higher RPM's (3K and higher) but I have also noticed that from a stop, I have jerky acceleration.
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have all 3 connections been done up tightly ?
do you know what pressure the spring is set for ?

lag above 3k is none existant as standard unless the original DV was split - more than likely
The smallest of the three hoses needs a better clamp since the one i had was to big. Basically, that hose is just on with no clamp. I have some on order that should do the trick.

How do i check to see what pressure the spring is set for and what pressure should it be set to0?
ask bailey if they do other springs 1st. i know forge have springs set for different pressures.
not sure what the 225 runs at. what boost does it run at ? should sprng should open a bit above this

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