Bad driving ! What are your pet hates on the road ?


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My pet hates are number one tailgaters.People who drive so close to you,that I think they want to check inside my boot,imagine if I braked quickly they could end up in my back seat.
My number two is people jumping the lights on a red,and just barely getting away with it.I have seen so many near miss's lately and one poor motor cyclists nearly lost his front wheel....needless to say he was'nt very happy.
I could mention a dozen more,but a strong coffee beckons right now.
People who pull out on me then drive slowly

Those who don't use indicators

Members of the center lane owners club

Other road users in general. I think my motoring life would be much nicer if I didn't have to share it with others.
Tailgaters really wind me up too. I want an oil slick and smoke screen button to sort them out.

I get well riled at traffic light jumpers.
All of the above plus people that seem to go to sleep at Red lights but I suspect that many are looking/using their electronic gadgets as you can easily spot them by the way their head is nodding up and down.

People who drive way below posted limits and holding up traffic and seem to think that if they accelerate briskly or exceed 2500 rpm's they will do irreparable damage to their motors.

IMO they should be confined to suburbia and never allowed onto a road with a speed limit of more than 60 kph as they have absolutely no idea of how to merge into high speed motorway traffic flow and are a danger to others as well as themselves.

Over here they are not even tested for that .V(
Drivers who seem to forget they have a handbrake; foot firmly on pedal at lights and traffic queues dazzling those behind.
Drivers who switch on front/rear fog lights when visibility is down to two miles.
People who don't use indicators. People who roll backwards when they should be stationary and are oblivious to the fact that they are inching ever closer to you're baby. People who turn into a side road on the right hand side when they are in the UK. People who drive at 10 mph under the speed limit in the outside lane. People who when in the right hand lane at the traffic lights leave it until the lights go green then indicate right :mad:. People on the road in general. I swear if I had the power, I would insist that everyone has to stay home while I am on the road and can only come out once I have reached my destination or be shot.

Well you did ask :lol:.....:rofl:
Brake merchants,people who unnecessarily keep braking going down hills etc.Don't they
realise you can also use your gearbox to slow the car down when needed.People doing three point turns in the road and selfishly stopping the flow of traffic in both directions.These people are so lazy they cannot be bothered to find the next roundabout to change direction.People not using their indicators,sometimes you have to guess where they are heading,this can be dangerous on roundabouts.People who stay in the fast lane or the overtaking lane for ever and refuse to move over.
I hear you LM, I would like to canvas many car manufacturers to install into the A- Pillar of their cars a T9 bitch slapping correction gadget ;) It would work something like this; you drive along the road and do a damn foolhardy thing without thinking, the cover for the A-Pillar folds back and a rubber hand comes out and with facial recognition software, tracks the face perfectly to give the driver two good slaps across the face followed by one of my 7 choice pre-recorded sentences that I have had made. I feel this is a winner, and I am open to other members of TC submitting their own versions of the cars of their choice ;)
Drivers who are so unaware of the road they are on and their speed that they slow down for traffic cameras even though they were already driving below the speed limit!
I see that so often, a 40 zone particularly where people slow up to 30 just in case. I guess people do not really look at road signs or take notice of them.
People who stay in the fast lane or the overtaking lane for ever and refuse to move over.[/QUOTE]
Geoff5050, you can bawl me out for being pedantic but there is no such thing as a fast lane.
Definitely tailgaters especially aggressive ones . People who can't stay in their own lanes and wander other towards you whilst totally oblivious. Pulling out on you. Cutting accross your path at roundabouts. Rolling back towards you on a slope. Cutting in without warning. Driving unnecessarily slow or braking/swerving for no particular reason. Not speeding up on slip roads so your stuck behind them coming on to a motor way at like 40 mph. I'm sure there's more.. lol
people who flash you when you have your dipped beams on but your headlights are fixed higher than some cars so they think youre on full beam, people who accelerate when someone is trying to overtake, undertakers on motorways, people who run so far up my bumper i swear they have some form of addiction to exhaust fumes, people driving 40 on a 60 when they dont have a trailer, people who pass too close to cyclists or motorbikes, people who dont use their indicators when swapping lanes, people cutting me off when im trying to overtake them on a motorway, people who assume they can force their car through any gap between cars. the list continues
I see marked driving school cars with and without learners entering a dual carriageway from the left and immediately going into the right lane when there is only daylight in the left lane ahead and they never exit or turn right for many miles if ever.

Simply can't understand the right / fast lane mentality and have a quiet chuckle when I roll up to a stop light in the left lane passing numerous vehicles in the "fast lane " :rolleyes:

Can't understand when a road narrows sign indicating that 2 lanes reduce to one that people almost immediately change lanes when there is a quarter of a mile or more before it turns into one lane.

On the highway and you are in the left lane with 200+ meters back to the next car in that lane and there is a car in the right lane 50 meters behind you and there is an exit ahead the following car will almost certainly speed up and overtake and cut you off to exit the freeway instead of pulling in behind to exit .V(

I am dumbfounded as to why they do that when they know that all the exits are left as to why they are even in the right lane at all.

The car might be in Drive but the brain is in Dream.
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