Back from the land of bad luck!

Tony Montana

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Pug 406 Sri turbo

Not so long ago I joined up, starting posting and then...

Disaster! My Computer threw a wobbly and all sorts of other bad stuff happened, Im back now, spanking new PC but loads of questions about my Pug 405!

Sorry for the absence, wasn't being ignorant, just unlucky!

Hope all is well

Tony Montanananana!:p
Ummm what hasn't! haha

Broke up with the missus or should I say ex missus and found out some bad news about my Fathers health! So all in all not a great 6 months!

Anyway enough of that... I'm back and I'm looking for help with my Pug!

Not only that, I was enjoying the general reading on this forum before I went offline so I'm of to catch up on all I've been missing!

Whats new with you?:)
Hi Tony and welcome back. Hope things improve for you. hey your back online with us so thats a big bonus already :)
Welcome back. I am assuming it is the 2.0 liter with 150HP?

Excuse my ignorance but us Americans don't get to see too many Peguoets. I always heard they were light cars for their size and this really helped their acceleration and handling performance.

Hope to see some photos soon!
Hey Westcott,

Yep, it is indeed and the car feels like it has a lot of potential when you accelerate, it is actually an enjoyable car to drive and although not one of the most sought after cars, it has got potential to look quite smart with a a little bit of hard graft and a decent kit.

Looking forward to getting down to it and getting the car looking and performing to it's potential.

I have pics at the moment but they are stock with no mods. Happy to post them but nothing amazing at the moment!

Hope your well!:lol:

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