astra 03 1.8 sri cat/exhaust change?


astra 1.8 sri 03
hi i just recently brought an astra 03 plate 1.8 sri and i am after some advice on changeing the exhaust system, the engine is an ecotech and the manifold is part of the catalytic converter so i was wondering if it is possible to

a) change the manifold and cat converter so they are seperate as i have been told it will help the performance

B) which is the best type of exhaust system to go with that will improve performance and sound

i know these questions may be a bit stupid but i want to tune the whole car and get the best out of what i have so any help or advice would be really appreciated
dont understand the splitting the cat and manifold up. surely someone makes a performance manifold with sports cat incorporated.

performance from the exhaust, if you change the whole lot id say 10bhp you dont get as much as what alot of people like to claim. and to get the best performance out of exhaust youd be looking at spending possibly more than your budget allows for the exhaust alone. look for ther likes or titanium race exhaust and youll see the difference in price between them and a standard stainless steel off the shelf one.

not much help but im not a fan of vauxhall but if your wanting to tune the whole car then you might be better saving your money and buying a gsi much better engine as a starting point

again probably not what you wanted to hear sorry

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