Any chance of putting a bigger peugeot 206 engine in 1.1 206??


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Im wondering if it is possible to put bigger engine like 1.6 or 2.0 GTI engine in my 1.1 as its kinda slow and doesnt go up hills.
Absolutely, the 2.0 GTi is the best option, you'll also need the gearbox and wiring loom and ECU. I note from your other thread in styling that you intend to buy a donor car and this makes perfect sense. A rear end damaged 206 GTi from a breakers yard would be an absolute steal for you.
Its much cheaper to get a damaged donor car than buying parts separately...the only issue i have with this engine is the economy. Im not sure if im rich enough to pay for the petrol after it will all be done. as its 1.1 atm do you think if would be enough just to put 1.6 engine, I would also get a donor car for this.
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Just remember this, many folk are put off by a bigger engined version as they think it'll cost more to run. How much pushing does it require to get a 1.1 moving along swiftly? I bet a 2.0 would be cheaper to run as you wouldn't be pushing it so hard day to day and you have the extra in reserve as and when required. Been there before myself many years ago, a 1.3 cost me more to run than the 2.3 equivalent.
I had this idea in my head as well but I finally got someone to back it up. Although I heard some ppl say that even when driving economically, its not so good but that might be just them.
Well my MG runs a 2.5 V6 and still manages low to mid 30s when driven sensibly, expect less when driven hard, but it still surprises me. If the engine is looked after and mapped so as to run cleanly and to optimum afr levels then you can't go wrong. (don't be fitting an open cone filter in there!)
An open cone that sits on the end of the throttle body with nothing else is just sucking in hot air. The only reason people fit them is for the sound as they do suck a bit! So yes economy does suffer. An enclosed kit (one with a carbon cannistor) or an open cone but fitted remotely away from the engine bay will work alot better. CAF (cold air feed) is another element that is key to an optimum induction system, engines thrive on cold dense air, it has more oxygen to burn.
Buying a different car would be easier. Insurers quite of baulk at cars modified in this way

but the problem is that buying a car with bigger engine is gonna be a pain with insurance but getting a 2.0 in 1.1 without notifying of the changes still be a lot cheaper
well thats why my 206 is not as economical as I thought it should be as I have one of them filters, I might replace it back to standard to see if it makes a difference. I still have a loud exhaust to make that loud noise so thats fine.
but the problem is that buying a car with bigger engine is gonna be a pain with insurance but getting a 2.0 in 1.1 without notifying of the changes still be a lot cheaper

Don't ever think of not notifying your insurers

I worked for 14 years in the industry and I saw claims refused, cover dropped, penalties imposed for driving without insurance and making a false declaration to obtain a motor insurance certificate and clients stuck with a damage suit from the Third Party motorists insurers.

We have a good deal setup with Adrian flux, see our members offers section for details and our special contact number.
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Also a 1.1 driven hard is not necessarily going to be more economical than a 2.0 driven fast but at much lower RPM levels. Work out your annual fuel cost and I doubt the engine change will cost you more than £500 a year.

I wrote this comparison calculator for just such a question...

Put in the real world MPG and see what you get.
I think going ahead with bigger engine is worth I would say that Im getting 30 mpg right now where statistically I should be getting 45 mpg which is a lie.

If you stick a 2.0GTI engine, with at least 136bhp, into a car that has suspension and brakes meant to cope with a 1.1 engine with what, 60 or 70bhp, then you will need to upgrade those suspension and brakes as soon as, in fact you're best off doing this before you do any power upgrades.
it will be if all mods are declared, but who said im going to tell insurers

That's a stupid statement to make and a stupid thing to do. They [loss adjusters] will know that your car has been modified if it's is examined in the event of a road traffic collision.

Thus leaving all of us honest drivers to pick up the tab and the pieces and the costs for your moronic stupidity.

You have had the sensible advice and you choose to disabuse yourself of it.

Perhaps I should use my knowledge of the internet;
of the Data Protection Act;
Of the Freedom Of Information act;
Of the Statutory Powers of regulatory Investigation.

Recover your identity fully, and report you directly to the police for you intention to drive a vehicle on the public highway without having adequate insurance?

I have deep dislike of people like you who think they can exploit things to their own selfish betterment at the expense of the rest of us.

Paul Anderson
it will be if all mods are declared, but who said im going to tell insurers

Not the most well thought out of statements I fear! :sad2:
This makes no sense at all; why would you not tell the insurers about your mods? You are obviously harbouring under the misapprehension that you will be saving money but nothing could be further from the truth my mind friend.

If a claim has been made and undeclared modifications are discovered, you will get NOTHING paid out to you, you will then be liable to pay everything out of your own pocket, the police will be called and you will be in court facing the full wrath of the law and for what? to save a few pounds!! :amazed:

This is false economy and very silly thinking mate!

Just to put things a little into perspective for you with regards to insurance modification costs. My own car has just had £24,400 spent on it this year alone to date. Everything has been fully declared and it cost me a total of £329 extra on top of my original premium! Nothing money! Now if God forbid anything does happen to my baby, I will have every modification mentioned and damaged fully replaced by the insurance company.

Rethink your actions mate, I am sure your statement was made in bravado in front of the lads so to speak, but it is not an action that we will ever condone here on TorqueCars!
it will be if all mods are declared, but who said im going to tell insurers

i was going to welcome you but after a bloody stupid statement like that then dont look for help from alot of members on here with the swap.

its idiots like yourself that mean i am having to pay larger premiums because you cant afford it. well if you can do it then simply dont!!
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