Admiral and remaps


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I've just spoken to Steve at Admiral who checked with his supervisor (they are also related to elephant and Diamond insurance who use similar criterion IIRC)


The online quote system allows you to put in Chipped upto 25% power increase and they are fine with this as long as it has been chipped.

If the car has been remapped or you are using a piggyback ECU then they WILL NOT COVER YOU.

Having been on a comparison website and chosen the "chipped/engine management upgrade" option I would have assumed the quote was fine, it's only my experience with insurers that caused me to do some digging.

I think there are a lot of people with Admiral who think they are insured when actually cover will be declined if they discover the car was remapped and not chipped!

This seems to be a very bad policy. Remaps use the vehicles standard parameters and as long as it's done by a professional company you don't have a problem. Adding a chip introduces the vagaries of a new piece of tech into the equation which was not designed by the manufacturer.

Is it just me or does remapping seem safer, easier and more cost effective than chipping? Does anyone still chip cars anymore?
FYI I just got a great deal at SkyInsurance, they are so friendly and nice to deal with and they actually know what cars are which bits go where and do what!

Their modified friendly policy came in cheaper than my current insurers and I know they will be happy to take on the remap when I get it done.
Really? Thats rather shocking that! Sure... pay out for a rubbish chip, but a respectable remap they're not willing to insure you on! I wonder why?
But how would any one ever know it's been remapped, would they check for this during a claim and how? Why not just do it and keep quiet about it?
Because if they became suspicious and checked, your insurance would be invalid and you would be liable for all costs which could be many thousands.

Not really worth the risk. If you can't afford the insurance don't do the mod.

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