A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI
hi all,

i would be grateful for a collective opinion on a difficult tuning decision...

I have a brand new 155KW quattro A4 Avant and am thinking of having the ECU stage 1 tuned. Want it to be hassle free. Given the audi anti-tuning protection on the new A4 models i am trying to chose between two very reputable suppliers, MTM (1000 euro) and ABT (1800 euro). So the basic question ... is the price difference worth it - both end up at approx. 200kw and 390nm. Is ABT that much better than MTM or should i save the cash??

Thoughts, thanks.

Ps i'm in Helsinki, Finland if that is relevant
never go by brand names, look always for more power for less money, of course as long as you know what you're putting in your engine.


the big names will spend hundreds of hours developing the maps. and adjust setting so it runs well for your engine. yes you may end up with slightly less power but your engine will run better for it.
a case of you get what you pay for in this case.

sorry cant help you with your choice but to through in another one look at http://www.revotechnik.com/

but remember dont go and map the new car straight away, give it around 6 months to break in the engine
thanks pgarner, but as a technophobe - can you talk me through the need to wait six months - what happens if i do it now, lose of performance or the risk of damage?


ps just found the revo dealer in Helsinki - can I ask why you would recommend?
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basically the car is new, this will allow the engine to free itself up slightly and get running to its best. its also worth doing an oil change after a few months as well due to the possibility of small amounts of metal being "buffed" off.

the other idea is that after 6 months you mght start getting used to the power so the map will make it feel like youve had a whole new car again.

REVO are purely a VAG tuning company so they only deal with skoda,seat,vw and audi. the only complaint ive heard about revo is the boost can be spiked making it feel more powerful lower down. im still considering them and custom code to map my bora - when i finally get round to doing it

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