6x9's Gone Quiet


Wrench Pro
Last night i fitted a 4 channel FLI Amp in the boot and wired my 6x9's (FLI) to it

At first everything was great - good bass coming from back of car sound quality great..... Then after about 10 minutes my 6x9s seemed to cut out

I pulled over and found sound was still coming from my 6x9s just no bass through them i just thought i must of blown them but when i got back in this morning to go to work the bass was there again but only for about 2 minutes this time and then my music just came out at normal level

Do you think iv blown my speakers or is it showing signs of loose connection somewhere?


Could it be overheating? Check the amps,wires and speaker wires to see if they are getting hot. Make and break all of the connections.
Could be a dodgy connection or a dodgy amp. I don't think it's the speakers. Check all wiring including behind the head unit. Also make sure that there isn't anything metal behind the head unit in the dash touching it.
Dont think it could be a dodgy amp, but ye i will break all the connections and try again see if that does anything

I installed the AMP brand new from box so i have got everything crossed that it aint this

i asked around the general census was that i must of blown the cones on the speakers....

Not one for waiting round i have gone and bought some more now and they work great :D ill get round to testing the old ones when i have some time

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