308sw suspension


South Yorkshire
2015 308sw
I'm getting some squeaking from my rear suspension and it jumps to the side when you go over a bump whilst cornering, is it the shocks?
Any recommendations for uprating the suspension
Hi and welcome |B

Squeaks can be hard to track down but for starters check that all nuts are tight as the bushes on the shocks and anti roll bars may be loose due to wear.

Do you need to upgrade the suspension due to hi mileage or do you intend to track the car ?
Just high mileage, I did have a look at all the bushes and they seem fine (only moving in the right direction)it sounds like it should be the springs
I've been looking it's about £200 for springs, full shocks and springs are more expensive than coilovers so I found some BC coilovers £750 that are a good price but only ever heard about them on YouTube, bilstiens are a similar price £700
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