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Hey guys im starting a project on the inside of my car and thought maybe you could give me some much needed advice!

My car currently has the 6 standard speakers (one in each door and 2 tweeters in the dash) but i want to replace them. ideally i want a straight swap with no cutting involved. is it best to run them all straight from the head unit with no amp (as i currently do with the standard ones) or would you reccomend using 1? (my head unit is a kenwood KDC-W3041A which says max power 50watts x4 and RCA-Preoutx1 sub-wf Level control whatever that means!!)

I also want a sub in the back with four 6"x9"s. is it best to use seperate amps or should i use one of these crossover things i keep hearing about?

I am also going to hook up my PS3 to 3 19" LCD screens so in total there is gonna be a lot of power draining my battery. Would it make more sense just to put another battery in to help power all this?

Wow thats a lot of questions but i think im in the right place to get some answers! I have no idea what i'm talking about so any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks again.
if your after power from your speaker (ie taking part in spl comps) then amp up the speakers.
for normal you will get away with the headunit inbuilt amp.

replace these with components as these will have xovers and replace both the standard speakers and componants.

would only go with 6x9 or a sub not both mate is your already upping the standard speakers. if you do want to go down that route then look at a 4 channel amp for the 6x9 and a seperate amp for the sub.

this would requiring changing your headunit to something that has more preouts as you may find that the current one is only set up for the sub and might not allow the higher frequancies thus making the 6x9 pretty much usless.

would also advise running a more powerful altinator along with multiple batteries try 1 per screen (as these will require transformers to power the LCD TVs) and one for the Amps and PS3. on top of your normal battery.

note this will weigh alot and seriously slow down your car
ok thankyou!

i can find some decent speakers to replace easily enough then but i was looking at a sub and i think maybe this one would do the job nicely. i cant post a link apparently but its a kenwood KFC-W3514DVC which i was going to surround with glass/mirrors and think it would look pretty sweet. i think this would be ideal but im probably wrong. lol what amp would i need for this then? its:
peak input power 1500W
max input power 760W
rated input power 380W

and i will drop the idea of the 6x9s and 3 tvs.
i think maybe if i run my PS3 on a single 37" screen then that would be better.
i suppose i would still need another battery for this though? and would you still suggest an uprated alternator?

thanks for your help.

oh and its putting out 90bhp so im not really bothered about performance at the minute!!
yeah at least someone reads the stickies before posting

that subs not that big and will run no issue on your standard battery.
i would still advise another battery. for this.

do you know what your current alternator is capable of ? should be written on it somewhere. ive just had a quick search on google and all i could find was a recondition on ebay that was 150 amp. would say below 90 and it might be worthwhile upgrading as your going to be trying to charge 2 batteries at once.
not nessesary but will save burning out your current one
TN i was advising another battery to run the PS3 and the TV as both of these will require inverters to run at 240v. most of these inverters have an auto cut off around 11v. running another battery will allow this to run alot longer than a power cap - remember the power cap gains and loses the voltage quickly so every time it dropped below the cut off voltage it would turn off then back on, this could cause both issues with the inverter and the accessories connected due to the fluctuations of the voltages.
I understand that buddy but a large enough power cap will be up to the job. Plus there is a voltage readout so when it starts to drop then you just fire the engine up.
Hi there, i would go with what the boys are saying, i built an install for my estate a few years ago running 2 amps together 3000w, 4x150w 6x9's and a550w audiobahn sub with a neon light ring and 2 blue led computer fans to aid cooling of the amps, at first i had everything running off the standard alternator and the car battery, however the sound when cranked up left a lot to be desired, after looking through forums i stumbled accross www.the12v.com,the amount of info on this site is astounding to say the least and i soon had my alternator upgraded and was running a second gel type battery in the boot, i would also have installed a power cap but didn't have the funds to do so at the time. hope this helps !!

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