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Hi there, my brothers x reg, 1.4 306 failed it's mot on emissions, they replaced the coil pack to fix a misfire but that didn't sort the emissions, they then tested the lambda sensor and that was fine, they deduced it was a problem with the ECU...

We also had it tested by an electrician, he concluded that the wiring was all ok, however there was no switching voltage from the ecu/lambda circuit. Internet research said that the Sagem coilpack can sometimes cause voltage spikes and damage the ECU, but this has now been replaced with a bougicord coil pack.

I've been looking at the options:
1) Buy a new one... £750ish from the dealer... (not really an option!)
2) Get a reconditioned one in exchange for this one/get this one reconditioned... £195 from ecutesting.com
3) Buy one from ebay, probably from a breakers... between £20-£90.

My main question here is how important are the numbers on the ECU... There are three stickers:

The first says: PROGRAMME SL96-9 601300 140598, the last number varies on ones I've seen on ebay

The second says BOITIER INJECTION *9632520280* PSA, this is the same for all other ones I've seen

The third says SL96 21649399-3 IND. MOD. : F 0058465081, other than the SL96, the other numbers and info varies

A few examples are:




Also, is this a straight forward plug-and-go ECU or is there any element of it which would need programming in, i.e. the central locking?

Any help/info would be great, sorry it's such a long post! Thanks very much :)
As the man says, ebay item should be fine, the central locking on 306's isn't a very sofisticated so I doubt it will be wired into the ECU.
Hi Johnnarin, I might have the same problem. My SL96-9 ECU may have to be replaced. My local Peugeot dealer advised me to buy it used (expensive part / very old car) and he also told me that I would have to somehow match the new ECU with the ignition lock system (in the key), so he said I should try to get both ECU and lock system from the same car. For some reason I was not convinced regarding this point, so I have googled a lot, but not found a clear answer so far. The other answers that you've got, I would say, are in the category "guessing" (sorry), so in case you have found a valid answer, I would love to know.
Regarding "significant numbers" I can contribute a little: On a site that sells those ECU's you must specify if it is a SL96-1 or SL96-9, so the -1 / -9 seems to be of significanse.
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