3.0 V6 Turbo Diesel

Frimley Surrey England
Mercedes CLS320CDI
Being lucky enough to cash in an ISA & buy a 2008 CLS320CDI back in November, I had the engine TerraCleaned & remapped @ Performance Tuning a month later. Now I am intent on having the DPF either modified, or removed & the ECU adjusted accordingly.
Has anyone any info on possible turbo over speeding with the subsequently reduced back pressure once the DPF is modified/removed???
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I am unable to help you with your question directly, but hopefully somebody can point you in the right direction for the knowledge that you seek!

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I doubt it because the whole lot is under ECU control to regulate the intake manifold pressure. ie. wastegate and/or turbine blade geometry.

Good question tho and welcome !!
I'm a little confused about this.

I have a 2008 C320CDI and am quite certain it doesn't have a DPF. (Unless Australian cars are different?)

I've just ordered a new Jaguar XF petrol engined car. I wanted a diesel, but, was advised by Jaguar not to buy a diesel for my purposes, since I only drive 8,000 kms, mostly around town. They said the DPF would cause problems when only used this way. When I questioned why my Mercedes didn't give me problems they said that Mercedes do NOT have a DPF. The later ones will have to have them fitted, to comply with new laws, but, the 2008 engines didn't have them.
In 2008 I think it's likely it does have a DPF. Some DPF systems use an additive to assist the DPF regeneration. Especially older systems. My 2001 year Peugeot 406 was thus equipped. Yes you do have to pay up for the additive to be replenished every 60,000 miles or so. This costs about eighty quid.

Much cheaper than a replacement DPF.

It's an unusual argument where more actually is more.
I've spoken to Mercedes and they say there is no DPF on the 320CDI engine. However, on their later "blue efficiency" engines they have the additive you described.:blink:

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