220 Gti rear caliper


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By kevin leicester on Monday, September 05, 2005 - 10:31 am: Edit

I've recently fitted a second hand rear caliper but the hand brake is'nt holding is there a set way of adjusting the hand brake or is it that the cable is streched.
Do the brakes both move toward the disc (or Drum) when the handbrake is applied - it sounds to me like the cable has stretched - but you should be able to adjust the slack out.
i believe the correct way to set these up is to leave the handbrake cable off and apply the foot brake to ensure the gap between pad and disc is adjusted to the correct gap then to connect the cable. the handbrake cable adjuster is under the rear ashtray which can the be adjusted to get the correct amount of notches on the handbrake (7 - 12 clicks when applied) hope this helps.
Thanks a lot for the tip sherbs - nice to have you along. Hope you enjoy the forum. What car do you have?
my main car is an audi a3 1.8T but i used to have a rover coupe vvc and i've recently been given a rover 220 gti which i'm doing up and am going to try and sell it (it looks terrible but everything works on it, just needs a mot now).
thanks for the reply.
How wierd is that! I went from a 220 GTi to an A3 1.8 T sport! I guess it's a logical progression! I love the Audi engine - it is also very very tunable!

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