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So I had the 6 in the garage the other day (Nationwide Autocentres Huddersfield, who have been really good up to now) for a few niggling bits and while they had it in I thought I'd take advantage of a "free no-obligation brake check". As I suspected, the rear brakes are somewhat FUBAR'd.

Apparently there's no way of getting the drums off without damaging the wheel bearings. New drums and bearings will cost me £300.00 (£180 for the bearings and £120 for the drums), and then another £100 on top of that if it needs new brake shoes.

Now I don't doubt that this work is necessary, I've been suspecting as much, but £400 is a fair bit more than I want to pay. I could do the work myself (read "get my stepdad to do the work for me") but I was just wondering what else I'd need other than the parts listed above. You know, any grease packs, nuts, etc. Anybody know?



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You'd be daft not to change the brake fluid at the same time.

Heres another option. Why not convert it to disk brakes all round. Go to the scrappy and see if you can get a set of 206 rear disks and other donor parts. Should still cost less than £400 and will dramatically improve your breaking.


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Mate in my expriance I would steer well clear of nationwide autocentres...
there a bunch of con merchants...

When I took my car (306) to one of those centres they tryed to tell me my car need over a £1000 worth of stuff doing to it....(i took it for a major service and an MOT and failed) not to mention they had a mess with my fuel pump and buggered up all the settings

All i did was replace 2 front tyres costing about £110 with tracking took it to a place my dad uses and the passed it with no problems I told the bloke what they said was wrong and he told me my car was one of the best 306's he had seen for it's age....

Please don't take it there again...206's are good cars...keep it that way...

also you can't just put the rear discs on your 206...you need a complete rear beam.....
still go to a scrapper and find a rear beam of a 206 gti and fit that...

it will be stiffer and will improve your cornering and your braking
should cost about £150 for a good one....just check that it isn't sezied
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