206 GTI Scorpion Backbox bad fit


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Since my first topic dissapered in thin air after i tried to edit a typo ill try again, this time alittle more informative so you guys dont misunderstands what is going on. :)

First off here is my car fitted with the original exhaust muffler:

As you can see it fits like the exhaust were made for the car, and it is! It fits the original middle muffler that have the original tubing on the exact place it was placed by peugeot. the only changed here is the exhaust manifold (race manifold 4-1) and sports cat that have been modded so it fits with original middle and backbox. so everything is interchangeble if they are made after peugeot 206 GTI original parts!

Onto The problem:

The Scorpion exhausts mufflerbox hits the reinforced frame of the car supporting the trailer hook, making it impossible to fit the exhaust in any way without serious modification to either the exhaust or the frame of the car.

We need to remember that this backbox were sold as a unit that should be able to fit any 206 GTI 2.0 in range of year 99 to 01.

Peugeot seemed to kow this and made all their backboxes like this:

The point is not really if i can get my money back or not, rather that i have paid alot of money in postage already and would now have to double that to send it back(we are talking about a total of like 150pounds) for an error that would have been discovered if they just tried to fit the exhaust on any 206 outfitted with a trailer hook. I could understand if the hook were a rare thing, but i dont think i ever seen a 206 in Dk who did not have it. :S

So, would you find it unfair of me to demand them to give me money back for postage, and demand them to pay postage to send their faulty product back to them?
I mean it is not a bad fit it is a BAAAAAD fit, on a product that were promised to be just plug and play :p


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So the exit is at the intake? :lol:
I cant move the box in any way since the hooks is welded on to the muffler.


I mean turn the back box upside down! It looks to me like the larger part of the actual exhuast 'box' shouldn't be where it is. Try rotating it so the exhaust exit sits higher. Does that make sense?