206 GTI 180 Spark Plugs

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as for your spark plugs every engine is different so just buy ones to suit your car, as for brand go for NGK preferably the iridium tipped ones as they last longer and maintain the cars performance for longer

Ive been on the phone to NGK and it turns out the 180 engine has ILFR6B plugs.
These are the Laser Iridium ones, got mine off ebay for £29 for 4.
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Which tip is sutiable for peugoet 206 manual tansmission double, single or super four would be the right ones.

Single tips, the others are all a bit of a gimick, you only get one spark.
True, multitip plugs are only there so they last a little longer, if you check plug gaps regually then there will be no need for multi tip plugs. You will also find that the best plugs on the market are only have single tips ;)

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