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    New car guy (370z owner)

    How's it going everyone. So I've been really getting into cars lately and I've recently bought a 2017 Nissan 370z touring. I have some money I'm saving up for some starter mods as the car is completely stock as of now. The first thing I was looking at was exhaust and I'm having trouble deciding...
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    Modding Newbie here - Where do I start?

    Heya Guys Just signed up to the website. I got my first car in November, a 1.6 TDI Audi A1 (2012) Already I am finding myself wanting a little more from it though! Last week I got a stage 2 engine remap and the gains have felt amazing. I'm just wondering where do I go next? Air Intake and...
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    Uprating is modding? One thing doesn't make sense to me. 'Modification' means ANY departure from mfg's specs? So if I uprate the brakes and tires (both are SAFETY systems) from factory specs, that's considered 'modding'? I'm in the...