Uprating is modding?

OEM brakes or OEM anything are the same dimensions as the factory and usually have the same characteristics.

Anything outside of the standard is perceived as a modification.

Let's take brake pads as an example though as this is quite a common situation.

There is a grey area when you fit OEM spec parts of higher performance, for example brake pads. Some of these are classed as a replacement, some would be upgrades and some would be modifications.

I specify modification and upgrade differently. Upgrade to higher friction pads and it all works better, modify by using race spec pads and the working temp of the pads are now much higher so it would perform worse when cold or on the road.
Federal law and state law are the things you need to consider

Ah. I suppose that would make the difference.
I think there is also a difference between 'exceeding' and 'deviating' from OEM. Exceeding can be safe or unsafe (depending on the system and particular spec), but going outside a set of parameters is an At Your Own Risk proposition.

do what your told and be quiet.
I will assume that is facetious humor.
OK , just suppose that you drive without a license, after you do get a get a paper license ,does the paper say you are now a better driver?

i love the word facetious,(yup, guilty of assumption).
Okay; say I build and launch a real (backyard-scale) rocket, then I go get an degree in aerospace engineering, then I help build a fly-into-space rocket. Where do I become a 'Rocket Scientist'?
By the same token, a driver is someone who has (practical) knowledge of driving. It's a spectrum, not a yes/no. The paper is just a legal yardstick to set standards on who can lawfully drive.

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