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    Little red button

    There is a little red button on the dash of my '69 VW beetle. I have no idea what it is or what it is for. It has a "B" on it. Any information would be greatly apreciated. Ibwould rather not push it until I find out what it is.
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    How old are your cars?

    I would say that wins over mine. You have had yours longer
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    Classic VW beetle vs. newest model

    I wouldnt mind climate control but I prefer the classic look so much more over the newer models. It would be interesting to see them build a new vw with the same body style of the older ones.
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    Classic VW beetle vs. newest model

    What are your thiughts? I love the classic look of the old beetle but cant stand the look of the 2012 beetle. Any interesting comments?
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    How old are your cars?

    the car itself is 43 years, but I have only had it a few months.
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    '69 VW Beetle

    I am new to TorqueCars. I own a red 1969 Volkswagon Beetle. My father got it as a project car for us and helped me get it to the point that it ran and was street legal. Any further work (it needs alot) is up to me. I hope to restore it to its original state in the future but will have to do so...