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    Mazda b2000

    my recent purchase is a 87 Mazda b2000 and am not quite sure what to start on first. I want to do so many things to it but have a limited cash flow. any tips?
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    glowing cat

    that would explain the rustling sound after i started when it cooled
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    glowing cat

    To start off i'm sure that my cat is toast but i also know that something in the engine has to clog it. I was driving and 3 miles down the road and they got cherry red. my question is what would be the cause of a clogged cat?
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    grinding sound in front end

    i have a grinding sound in the front end on the passenger side. the odd part is that it only really happens when i let off the gas while going down the road. any idea what it could be? it's driving me nuts:blink1:
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    I'm located in sunny Florida and am looking to upgrade my stock 91 Volks Wagon Passat and ran across this forum. I already found some great info so i'm hooked