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    Tips for my loved golf - need upgrade options

    I have a 2003 mk4 TDI, manual 1.9. I planned to upgrade the turbo, injectors and have re-done the suspension 3 times because it's so fun, ;) I guess I should have gone for the upgrade *giggles* she's very well maintained it to the tune of 2,000+ CAD every year, she runs like a dream, and this...
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    Rockers on Mk4.. Hardest decision. I had BIG plans for this girl. Low KM for TDI of her age.

    2003 mk4 TDI 1.9L Looking at my options, because I LOVE my car, figured this is the best place to start. She has 217, 473 km VERY well maintained, she will run like a dream for at least 5 more years, and more with the upgrades, I planned. HEAD EXPLODING EMOJI.. "Structural issue". Has anyone...