Rockers on Mk4.. Hardest decision. I had BIG plans for this girl. Low KM for TDI of her age.


VW Golf Mark4 TDI
2003 mk4 TDI 1.9L

Looking at my options, because I LOVE my car, figured this is the best place to start. She has 217, 473 km VERY well maintained, she will run like a dream for at least 5 more years, and more with the upgrades, I planned.

HEAD EXPLODING EMOJI.. "Structural issue". Has anyone gone through this before? I know she's a rare breed these days and maybe in demand,I live in Canada where SALT is my kryptonite. And it's to the point I don't know if I can jack her up to get my snows on.

I'm looking at:

1. Buying a decent body, Doing a motor swap. no idea where to start on that one, maybe someone BLEW a diesel motor .. next to impossible but maybe???

2. Fixing the rockers

3. Selling it privately, and financing a new or newer used car. Although this breaks my heart, I will only have one more winter before it's a must-do.

I have to consider everything and need to educate myself more. Really thinking the best value, financial and sentimental this car has REAL potential, as an mk4, And I HEARD no dealership is going to give me what it's actually worth if I trade her in. But after having this girl it has made me so picky.

Looking at the Subaru WRX and a couple of other cars, Staying torquey. Wondering if anyone has any advice. Or Suggestions.
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I'm based in the Uk and there are lots of breakers yards filled with parts for these, but the shipping is going to be a problem for you.

My hard advice after many years of me spending too much on cars I'm emotionally attached to is to move on.

Get another lower mileage example. Accept that the car had bought you much pleasure and fun and reassure yourself that a lower mileage version will allow you to explore the car further and perhaps do some upgrades you wish you'd done on the current one.

It will help to get the same colour and spec, so you have that familiarity.

I find that rust is endemic, and even when repaired will again creep through. Golfs are generally pretty good though and if it's just the sills that have gone, just get them welded up. If the rust is in the crossmembers and suspension supports then it's time to move on.

The WRX is a brilliant car, petrol costs might be high for you, but the great sounding engine and reliability is hard to beat.

Consider also an A3 or early S3 - it will be similar to what you are used to, will hold it's value well and are well supported with upgrades and aftermarket options. The quattro version is almost made for Canada's snowy roads.

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