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    Hello & welcome :D
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    Are you a good passenger

    :lol: Seriously bad passenger, there are way too many dodgy drivers out there.
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    Some people will just not walk

    I totally agree, you should not be allowed out on the road!
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    Hello and Welcome fellow Irish girl! :)
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    Hey fellow gear heads

    Hello & welcome :) :)
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    Hello & Welcome :) awesome forum, you're car sounds amazing.
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    Pulled over by the police

    Only once ever!
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    Hello there!

    I'm im agreement!!
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum :D
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    new member new ride

    Hello and welcome :) you came to the right place!
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    What air freshener do you have mmmmm :)
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    Do you wave?

    never done it, I think it's a thing of the past, people just don't get things like that anymore :(
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    Hello! :)

    Hello and welcome, great forum you've joined! lots of interesting things :D amusing too!
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    Hello & welcome :)
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    Hello and question

    Hello & welcome :)