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    modified 206 GTI for sale

    Tbh mate cars with bodykits, neons, etc arnt everyones cup of tea any more. You would be able to get more money by putting the car back to standard and selling the parts seperate. You best place to sell would be ebay or 206 owners. Good luck with the sale though.
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    my rims

    Look ok, not my favourite but each to there own :) Make shure you lower her though as with 18" she will look like a 4x4 on standard suspension.
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    Is car styling dying out

    What Joe said is right, I do think though that car styling is getting more subtle, but then again, I can see it being more expensive. Before it was all big bodykits which you could get cheap or knocked off from a mate, now its all coilovers, arch rolling, big wide alloys and smoothing. Both...
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    Civic problems!

    Have you checked your fuses and bulbs? Civic's have a tendency to blow the bulbs pair if one goes. If this doesnt work, check your wires, if you have done any work recently then you may have caught one and thats stopped it working. Hope this helps :)
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    Favourite Hot Hatch?

    Have to go for a Honda Civic tbh, an EG or EK :)
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    Head Gasket :(

    Cheers fot that guys, have me alot to think about! A quick update now though, the engine I was going to be buying is no longer for sale as the seller has decided he wants to keep it. I cant find a good local one that cheap so the Saxo is up for sale and is on eBay finishing later today. On the...
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    Head Gasket :(

    Cheers mate, have found today though its not financally worth paying for, so it looks like another car is on its way. Will be on the look out for another Saxo though ;)
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    Head Gasket :(

    I only found out as I was topping up the screen wash, was a lot of oil every where, none left in the engine, very low amount of engine coolant and the brown-mayo type stuff where the oil should be. Just added it all up tbh. Ive spoken to a few people, and they think I would be better off...
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    Head Gasket :(

    Well the inevatable has happened, the head gasket has gone on my little Saxo :( I have been looking around for quotes and it seems like it will cost me around £500! The cheapest I got is £320, but that means driving to Gatwick from Portsmouth, which is something I really dont want to do. My...
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    3 Point Harnesses

    All, Am looking for 2 black or blue 3 point harnesses. If anyone is selling any let me know :bigsmile:
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    How did this happen mate? It just come off the runner?
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    Welcome bud, depends what you want out of your Audi as there are so many different ones, could could have a sporty hatch back, a luxuary saloon or a great family estate. How much are you looking to spend?
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    Car Insurance

    Insurance is getting stupid now, but they have changed it so females dont get discount because of their gender. Wont come into effect until 201 though :(
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    What size are your tyres

    On the Saxo I have 195/45/15 with Toyo Proxes p1's on each corner :D
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    Car Insurance

    Ok cheers guys, might not bother with it then :)