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Straight through exhaust

Discussion in 'Civic Owners Forums' started by allsystems, 26 December 2011.

  1. allsystems

    allsystems Wrench Pro

    england uk
    civic 1.6 ivtec 200
    How much power does a straight through exhaust give?Also Iv got a mate whos done it and it sounds like really loud. He said hes got like 15bhp from it. Is there a silenced or quiet version of a straight through pipe and is this the same as a decat and lastly will i get the same power as a normal decat pipe?
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  2. pgarner

    pgarner TC ModFather Moderator

    Lockerbie, SW Scotland
    Octy smoke machine
    what car what engine ?
    15bhp is quite a whack and i think it would only have came from the manifold and a decat aswell even then it would have to be a big engine. basically i wouldnt listen to pub talk figures
    a decat is just a bit of pipe to replace the standard cat
    a straight through does away with the silencer boxes, you do get performance exhausts with them still with little difference in performance
  3. Zwaf

    Zwaf Road Burner

    Seat Ibiza 1,9TDI
    It seems like you have heard about straight trough egsaust bolted to an turbo aspirated engine. Don't belive there is so much gain, altough it is possible to help the turbo to spool sooner.
  4. Prince

    Prince Torque King

    Northampton, England
    BMW E36 318is Coupe
    A straight through exhaust will comprise of three main parts. Part 1. Exhaust manifold. Two design options available being 4-2-1 or 4-1. Part 2. Decat pipe. Literally just a straight bit of pipe to replace the cat. **Be warned you more likely to fail the emissions test when going for your MOT**. Part 3. Cat back. As per...

    15bhp is possible, but very doubtful. I'd have to see a before and after dyno to believe it. 5bhp is more accurate.

    You will not get the same gain with a decat pipe. This is because a straight exhaust will increase the diameter of the exhaust all the way through. Meaning the gases can exit quicker. A decat pipe will only speed up the flow in one section.
  5. bigbadjoe

    bigbadjoe Pro Tuner

    Elgin - Scotland
    Evo 8 @ 400bhp
    Inless its a turbo engine. Then a straight through exhaust can add as much as you like to the outcome. Along with a d-cat and a ramap.

    For a car like your's tho, I wouldn't bother. By straight through you mean ''straight through'' no back box or anything. If that's the case don't, because it wont make the car any faster, and will probably make the car sound worse. Id leave it alone or change the backbox for a £200 custom job to change the sound of the car.

    TCJBOLDIE Torque King

    JB Starion
    By straight thru it generally means that you can see thru it and there are no baffles that slow down the gasses. Some straight thru mufflers aka black boxes may have an expansion chamber in the middle but you can still see thru.

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