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My Honda Type R's first track day

Discussion in 'General car Chat' started by TCJBOLDIE, 7 December 2018 at 05:59.


    TCJBOLDIE Torque King

    JB Starion
    Drove it to my local track for a training day and had an instructor ride with me for the first 20 minute session to give me some tips.
    Was very happy:) with how the car behaved when pushed hard and was surprised somewhat with how the car put the power down and the amount of grip in the corners as it didn't put a foot wrong all morning.

    Took the tyre temps after each session and they were close to even across the rears but the fronts will definitely need app 2 deg neg camber as the outside of the tread was quite a bit hotter before the next track day in mid January 2019.

    It was good to be able to power thru and out of corners and not have to worry about the back stepping out and the LSD seemed to help the corner exit speed with a bit of understeer that hopefully will be reduced after the camber is added along with new suspension settings.
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  2. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Deal, Kent UK
    A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
    You sound like a very happy bunny!

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