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3.2 Mk2 Quattro....a forgotten performer ??

Discussion in 'TT Forums' started by Auditech, 27 March 2014.

  1. Auditech

    Auditech Full member

    Riga Latvia
    Audi A6 TT Quattro
    I really would like to hear from other 3.2 owners
    On this subject...
    I am a Canadian living in Europe since 89
    Been a professional Hot Rod builder, fabricator, and engine builder.
    Started getting my hands into Audis 10yrs ago....for a change of pace.
    A few years ago, bought a mint 2007 TT 3.2 Quattro DSG ...Pearl Black, with Beige leather interior.
    Car has NEVER seen a winter.
    I Have been spending time removing any flaw plus a few tasteful mods...such as carbon brakes, drilled and slotted rotors, braided done and painted ECU...( no limiters any more)
    I have it up for sale on ...just put in "Lettland" the country..and you will see is in English.
    If no sale....then....I WILL keep working on it!
    The PROBLEM is PARTS !!...its like this car just doesnt matter to "aftermarket"companies !!
    I have looked for YEARS for a coloured silicone hose set for this engine...NO WAY !
    I HEARD...that some one was SUPPOSEDLY developing one....but...never happened !
    It seems that when it comes to TTs....that the sun shines out of the Turbo fans butts !!
    Me?...NOT interested !!....I found a company in the Netherlands, that makes a 3 different stage Supercharger for my "Mill" HALF the price of an ABT unit !
    The only problem here is....going bigger than the "Stage1"unit.....then the orig. DSG gearbox will be "toast"!
    There IS a company in B.C. Canada that makes an aftermarket performance intake...with larger injectors..along with a performance exhaust manifold...but I would probably would have to sell my KIDNEY to afford it !!They also make re-worked performance DSGs as well...but..$$$ !
    Found that Carillo makes performance con rods for it.
    This engine HAS great potential to be a REAL killer.
    Any other fans out there ??...opinions?
  2. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Deal, Kent UK
    A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
    The usual 3.2 owners don't seem to be interested in modding them. It is a shame as the engines are great to work on and there is still plenty of untapped potential.

    There are a few companies around that can make custom hoses for you if you look carefully but this takes time and they usually need to have the old parts as a pattern.
  3. Yugguy

    Yugguy Torque King

    Rugby (expat Preston lad)
    Merc C220Cdi Elegan
    I LOVE v6 engines, any V engines really. I've had several different V6s ranging from 2.5 to 3.2 and I love the sound and the character.

    Trouble is, that although the 1.8T, like a lot of 4-pots, is pretty characterless, it's very easy to get extra power out of it - a couple of hundred quid will get you 30 bhp off a remap alone. And for 99% of car owners it's all about the 0-60 and nothing else.

    You can get extra power out of a V, but it's harder and much more costly per bhp gained.

    I say buddy, if you have the money, time and skill go for it, you'll get a quick, characterful, great sounding unique car.
  4. Auditech

    Auditech Full member

    Riga Latvia
    Audi A6 TT Quattro
    Well......thanks for the input guys !
    I forgot to mention....I dumped the "stock"motor mounts for a set of Eurathane ones with the brackets CNCed out of T-6 aluminum....from VF Engineering in the time I got them to me( they were nice enough to send them to me "registered"mail...( after a little coaxing !).....after taxes here...a complete set ...$1,000 !!....but....the stock ones make the engine hop like a FROG !....WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE !!! buddy at Audi says...they know about the fault....but Audi doesnt really give a Sh##....about it !....something like the same attitude about the "sagging seats"!!
    You are totally right about expense when it comes to building these V6ers.....I have built HUNDREDS of V8s in my time.....and can build twice the HP...for half the price !
    I think Venolia either already has pistons available for the 3.2 ers....or will custom make them for you.....but...what about cams???The "kit"that I had talked about out of B.C. Canada....does come with camshafts....BUT....they are "re-grinds", in ALL my engine building years....I have NEVER been a supporter of "re-grinds".
    This SORT of put me off the package........along with the fact that to up date the computer....they will "loan"you a unit to down load....with a $3,000 deposit.....refundable on return. As I said...the EASIER go with the supercharger, from the company in the Netherlands !
    Keep the "rubber-side down !"..guys !
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