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    What's the best Saab for tuning?

    Hey everyone, I recently saw a modded Saab and fell in love. Now I want to buy a Saab for myself! But I don't know what Saab. I thought a 1999 9-3 with the b205 T5 or maybe a T7. Also I saw a 2004 9-3 Aero. With the B207R engine. What engine is better or should I go with a 9-5? Please help me...
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    Alfa MiTo Saab Aero

    G'day from New Zealand. Confused ? Me ? Nah, just have a love for talk and torque. But whadda you reckon, I have a little 2010 Alfa Mito, 115kw, 155 horses in old school, uber fun on a curvy mountain road, passes most with ease on the highways, but I also have, and it's the longest I have ever...

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