1. 2

    2023 Outlander Preformance Mods

    Hello I just bought a 23' Outlander SEL Black edition. I love the car but it's pretty sluggish. I'm having a hard time finding any companies that sell performance upgrades. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  2. P

    '00 Galant GDI

    Hey everybody, I'm running a 2.4l '00 Mitsubishi Galant GLS GDI with the 4G64 engine, that holds great emotional value to me. While having 150 bhp on a naturally aspirated engine is nice if you're in the right RPM range I'd like to have a bit more power on it. Only problem is I'm absolutely...
  3. K

    Installing a turbo on a Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 V6 -01

    Hi! I'm quite new to cars and modding etc, although my father is really good with cars but he doesn't have the time to help me out. I'm thinking of installing a turbo on my Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 v6 - 01. I'm glad I found out about this forum since I couldn't find any information that would help...
  4. M

    Looking to Improve power in My 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 4 Cyl.

    This car cruises just fine at High speeds. I just have to be cautious pulling out in front of cars. Way too cautious, haha. I was thinking of Dropping in a Cold Air Intake, Some spark plugs, and some exhaust. thought I'd ask some people on the Forum what they may have used. what goes well...
  5. I

    Hello - New member with an FTO

    Hey all, Just got my Mitsubishi FTO, gpx, imported from Japan to the USA, seattle area, and looking for a community. Great to be a part of the chatter here, and already benefitting from your knowledge. Thanks for giving back to the newbies like me. IAN
  6. DanielSlack

    New Member trying to make his 1992 VR4 Super Car, more Super

    Nearly everthing under the hood that could be polished, has been. Some custom stainless panels were built too. This car has no internal motor work! This has a full JL audio system in the rear. 4 amps, 3 W7 subs. There are 3 monitors in the car too. The suspension is full tein adjustable...
  7. I

    manual 95 prelude h23a or auto 03 eclipse gt

    Im trying to decide which car to get and start my tuning project on but i want the input of others, im kind of leaning more towards the honda because of the transmission but what do you guys think i get more overall hp from with a good engine build?
  8. S

    2007 Eclipse Gt Spyder

    Just bought one. Has 74,000 km. the original owner had a sport suspension install when new, has 20" wheels. Stock engine. 3.8 l, K&N Typhoon air intake, Magnaflow exhaust. I feel there has been tongue lost but would like to do more work to achieve better performance. Having a hard time finding...

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