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    VW TDI Upgrades

    Hi all, have decided to put together an engine based on probably a 130pd 1.9 tdi, has anyone any reccomendations for aftermarket cams, pistons etc? Thanks
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    Hybrid Turbos

    New to the forum So I have a 2005 VW Bora 100pd, when I bought it it had a 130 turbo and injectors and was mapped to 180 by a very reliable company. I have now a fmic fitted and a 150 intake manifold and egr delete which are not yet on the car. I would like a minimum of 210 bhp and am looking...
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    VW Bora Highline 1.8T 20V

    Hello there, So I am looking to buy a vw Bora highline and later on switch the engine to a 1.8t 20v. I know there are already loads of boras with this engine, but as far as I can see there is none with the highline spec. What I'm trying to achieve is a high class interior, and beast under...

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