I was nearly raised in chrysler dealership my dad ran for over 40yrs. We collected cars for 30yrs
holden, mo.,USA
Current Cars Mods.
Replaced NA engine with rebuilt 86 turbo engine. crank cross drilled, knife edged, nitrite treated, up graded toT-04B turbo, custom built innercooler to fit 84 NA front end, up graded cam, ported and polished head, modified oil pickup. Installed rebuilt 951 turbo transaxel, stainless exhaust system, up graded remapped electronics, up graded fuel system and fuel pump, cold air intake system.
Coming up; building fiberglass collector for, radar detector, GPS, car phone, rear view camera. Improving entertainment system. Building fiberglass hood with built in scoop to funnel cold air in & hot air out of the engine compartment. Exit air will focus on the windshield to help with defrost and defog, just for the hell of it.



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