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    206 GTi Rough idle and poor throttle response

    Thanks for the response guys @turbonutter - havent checked the knock sensor.Didn't even know that this sensor could be a casue of these symtoms ( I'm am still learning though:)) )So, is it worth me removing this sensor and cleaning it or replacing it totally or is there a special way to check...
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    206 GTi Rough idle and poor throttle response

    Hi need advice on the following please.have a few issues, so pls forgive the long note. Recently, my pug has started idling really rough,especially in the mornings when cold. It does get better once warm, but still is not close to the smooth idle that it had before.All of this started after i...
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    Hi - Just joined!!

    i OWN A 206 gtI 1999. Very interested in learning the finer art of engine mods and tuning.But for now, I'm hoping I can get some assistance in resolving some problems with my current 206 GTi.