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    Brake while cornering yes/no

    Unless you are experienced and fully aware of what you are doing and what the end result would be then my best advise is be smooth with all of your controls so that's good advise OBI |B

    Have you ever had a crash

    I'm not perfect and rolled my Datsun 1600 rally car when the back end went a bit too far sideways and the rear tyres went into a spoon drain and the sill dug in. and we landed back upright with most panels damaged and retired and drove it home . After the event my navigator said we should have...

    Brake while cornering yes/no

    Obi if you brake really hard and suddenly in a corner the front end can/will push out away from the apex. When I was auocrossing on dirt in my RWD and the front bumper looked like hitting a hat and incurring a 5 second penalty I would stab the brake pedal hard for a moment and back on the gas...

    What is a stroker kit

    Had one in my last car and the capacity increased from 1995 to 2323cc's It involved sorceing the crank from a 2 .4litre motor and using it in a 2 litre block that I had overbored to max factory recommendations and using forged stock length rods and forged stroker pistons with the pin height 1/2...

    Whats the difference between oversteer and understeer?

    Factories tend to build in some degree of understeer (called push by the Americans) into vehicles as that is the safer option for the run of the mill every day non enthusiast motorist as it is easier to control PROVIDED THAT the person behind the wheel knows which end of the car does the...

    Who has had any post licence training ?

    As many who have read my posts will realize that I am passionate about driver skill levels and the need for improvement or upgrading the basic skill level needed to be allowed out on the roads. I have watched the British test videos and for instance the "emergency stop" test was laughable. And...

    2001 civic 1.6

    Research is the key as well as the budget before twirling the spanners so see if there are any specialist Honda wreckers OR workshops that offer a fitting service as they will have all the little bits and pieces that are needed for a smooth change over like wiring harness and computer etc. See...

    2001 civic 1.6

    IMO just do an FN2 motor and 6 speed trans swap and you will be all :)es

    What happens when you drive a car through deep water

    Showing my age with belt driven fans and distributors .V( Obi I am sure we are on the same page but express our point of view slightly differently at times |B

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    Steve has developed some enviable skills in his search for the best balance of lightness and strength.

    My first track day

    Living my dreams Lunchy|B:) That track looks far more challenging and fun than my local track |B

    What happens when you drive a car through deep water

    Most ordinary motorists seem to think that faster is better when they encounter flooded roads and many end up with wet ignitions and no go. In fairly deep water say up to axle level one should fix say a coat small tarp or whatever over the grille so it will restrict water entering the engine...

    What are hybrid turbos

    Over here we call it HI FLOWING by this we mean that the factory compressor housing that been machined to fit a different OR larger wheel a mod that can't be picked up by Mr Plod or a roadworthy engineer as from all appearances it is still the factory turbo albeit with modified internals. If...

    Are superchargers and turbos the same thing?

    Forgot to say that belt driven SC's come in 2 types Positive Displacement ( Rootes and screw types like Wipple) and Centrifugal which is basically an exhaust driven turbos compressor housing mated to a belt driven gearbox in place of the exhaust driven turbine housing. IMO the latter type is...

    Are superchargers and turbos the same thing?

    Belt driven superchargers have a linear power increase that makes them easier to drive in a sporting fashion as the power increases smoothly as the revs rise. They also take power to drive them and the maximum pressure they produce is governed by the SC pulley diameter Exhaust driven...