Honda NSR 125R
Current Cars Mods.
No car mods but have a couple of things on my bike.

weighted bar ends to help ease vibrations
aftermarket indicators, that i will be changing for original

mods that will be added soon:
new race exhaust system
double bubble screen(helps deflect the air so your head doesnt get pushed back as much with the wind)
de-restriced when i pass full test
bigger carbs, rejetted and carbon reeds.
some extra sticky road race tires.
Dont have a car atm as i am doing lessons and test soon, but have a honda NSR 125R bike, that is a little beasty 125 when working :/

plan to get a civic 1.6 vtec with a B16A2 engine when i pass my test, as i dont really want a car thats slower than my 125 lol


I'm not speeding, I'm qualifying ;)




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