I'm just your average petrol head, always got my head under a bonnet in my spare time.

Anything with an engine really, I'm pretty handy with a spanner.
Rover 416SI saloon
Current Cars Mods.
BSA Alloys, Aftermarket airfilter, Twin 12" sub, 6" by 9" speakers, Kenwood head unit, I am planning to put an SS exhaust system on it, I'm currently trying to find a decent bodykit but I'm struggling to find one for the saloon, and any mods which will give me some extra BHP, hopefully a few people on here will be able to give me some tips on how to gain some BHP without spending any money.
Got my first car when I was 11, but as I didn't have any money I couldn't really do anything with it, ever since then all I've wanted is a kitted up car, a Rover probably isn't the best place to start, but that's what I've got so it will have to do, and they are pretty quick considering the weight they have to pull.


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