I've been around for several decades. I hope to be around for a few more ;)

Cars, camping, Argentine Tango, traveling.
Atlanta, GA USA
Miata NA6
Current Cars Mods.
1992 Silverstone Miata, 1.6, 5 speed, Supercharged 9~10 psi 1.8 injectors, Jackson Racing header, Jackson Racing boost ignition control. Fortune 510 coil over suspension, 1.8 brakes upgrade, 15 X 7.5 Chaparral wheels, 4.1 Torsen LSD, Exedy stage 1 clutch & flywheel for 1.8.

Various interior and exterior modifications
I've always liked cars, specially high performance cars. My first roadster was an Austin Healy 100. I've owned 3 English roadsters and 3 Japanese ones in addition to several Corvettes, Lancer EVOs, Subaru WRX, probably 100 other cars over the years including a Saab Sonnet. I've returned to my 3rd Miata (got it back from my son) and now it's a hobby of mine.
2nd Car
Toyota FJ cruiser 2


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