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    pug 106 startin problem

    Hi don't know if anyone can help but it all started when the car ran out of petrol. As its sitting on the drive it ran out of petrol, we then put fuel back in then, went to start it and no go. Leads and s/plugs are fine. Fuel is getting to spark plugs/ injection but not sprayin and not...
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    Car Upholstery Companies?

    hi all i work at car retrim place its in telford quality is good and also do soft tops but as above the price depends on the quality.we have done a porsche speedster kitt car,old ford hot rod kitt car which the interior was there design. wayne
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    thanxs for the warm welcome im havin the 106 mainly for my son so he cud learn in it wen he turns 17 my daily drive is my fronty as just getin into offroading for fun. wayne
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    power upgrades

    hi all just joined and im wantin toget more power out of my 2.4i frontera as its slugish on towing. can anyone sergest anythin. thanx wayne.
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    hi all my name is wayne im from telford shropshire im getin a pug 106 3dr 1.1lt its already been lowered rear seats taken out and i also have a 2.4i a series frontera lwb wich im lookin at getinsome mods done to it. wayne.