Drag Racing/Sprinting/Hill climbing
Elan & Robin Hood
Current Cars Mods.
1967 Lotus Elan S3 SE DHC. Owned since 1973
Modifications (completed, in progress or planned) :
Sierra Cosworth 2000cc 4 cylinder modified engine:
Approx 520bhp on pump fuel - Ford Motorsport 200 block - Long studded (6)
Balanced lightweight WRC crank - 8.2:1 compression ratio
High pressure oil pump - Steel windage tray - Group A rods
Mahle pistons with R4 pockets - Group A ported and gas flowed 2WD head
Hydraulic lifters - WRC phase sensor - Escort WRC inlet manifold
Piper BD14 inlet and exhaust cams - Piper vernier cam pulleys
Piper valve springs - WRC steel head gasket - 4WD exhaust manifold
Custom made 3” exhaust system –
T4 RS500 turbo with 60 trim compressor housing and 360 degree bearing
.31 Actuator - 8x Bosch grey 403 injectors (under revision)
Distributorless ignition system (camshaft pickup)
Wasted spark coil pack (Motorcraft) and high performance plug leads.
4WD steel flywheel - Twin plate cerametallic Alcon clutch assembly
3 bar MAP - No dump valve (thank goodness)
Life full race ECU and custom made lightweight wiring looms
Anti-lag system - Launch control - Traction control
ABS wheel sensors for above on all wheels - Full throttle gear change system
Custom made alloy radiator and charge cooler - Custom made exhaust system
Hi-Spec 4 pot alloy front callipers and larger grooved discs
Hi-Spec alloy rear callipers and grooved discs
Elite 300-IL 6 speed sequential gearbox
Sierra Cosworth 7.5” rear diff,fitted with Quaife ATB LSD.
Custom mad



Absolutely way too much horsepower is almost enough.


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