tall happy that i fit into a mk1 ford escort.. hahahha

fishing, sailing, hanging with my mates, working on my car and my mates,
new zealand, auckland
'75 mk1 ford escort
Current Cars Mods.
so far:
13" deep dish hotwires,
down draught twin webber,
coby muffler, big bore exhaust(changing big bore for smaller sizer)
black painted bumper (definatly changing to chrome)
sport steering wheel,
original number plates

what will be changed:
new interior (seats, seatbelts, roof lining, carpet, rubber seals)
wing mirrors
webber side draught twin,
paint job (oringinal colour)
front grill (as is painted black)
bonnet probably (be cause he used an orbital sander on it and there is big swirls)
new steering wheel (2 small cant see top of speedo)
more 2 come.
well im carl and i live in beautiful new zealand, i have a boat moored out in the harbour a 20ft snapdragon.
i got interested in old fords from and early age but really cemented it into my brain when my mate brought a 1982 ford cortina as a prodject.
inwards goods


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