'98 JDM Impreza STI
Current Cars Mods.
3in decat exhaust.
RCM gaskets (replaced after OEM failed).
Sports suspension from Pedders.
Braided brake lines.
Stainless steel brake pistons.
18in BK Racing wheels, resprayed black (from gold) and trimmed in pink.
12in Momo steering wheel.
Tinted (15%) rear windows.
Double din head unit from Sony.

That's it.

For now. :)
2nd Car
Hyundai I20
Full time father.




Everyone should get an electric/hybrid car; I need your share of the fuel.
Use Twitter? I'm @Lunchmoney_Al and post random thoughts that occasionally includes cars.
My job is no longer assessing car insurance claims to find out who is at fault. Full time father instead :)



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