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    Exhaust and cold air intake mod

    Mondeo MK3 2.2 TDCI 2006. Thoughts please. I have just fitted an ST bumper with an exhaust opening, (my existing end section exhaust has a downwards pointing end pipe). The exhaust system has only one silencer from the cat, which is on the end section of the exhaust. My plan is to delete the...
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    Hi from GB

    Thank you gentlemen. Sorry about my slow reply.
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    New here

    Hi Alex, I’m pretty new here, too. I wish you well and hope you find what you are looking for, within this forum.
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    Mondeo chats

    I assume you are talking about the MK3. I think that they are becoming rarer, so fewer owners. Mine is a 2.2 TDCI Ghia X and I am giving it some ST plastic. I’ve already integrated a splitter at the front, which needed a bit of fabrication, as it was intended for the ST, which is different...
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    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    Old git, A bit off topic, where abouts in Essex are you ? I’m in Epping.
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    Newbie----Canada west coast

    Hello lb4fun, My MG is a TF 160 and the Mondy is a 2.2TDCI Ghia X The few mods with the mondy includes the ST body kit with a front splitter which is still ongoing. The MG just needs a bit of TLC. Can you give more details of your cars as they sound pretty interesting.
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    Newbie----Canada west coast

    Hi, How many cars have you got ? I’ve got a Mondeo and an MG
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    Newbie----Canada west coast

    Hi, Looks like we have become members almost at the same time. Feel the same as you about learning more. Perhaps our paths may cross again. Regards, Jack.
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    Hi from GB

    Car is a Mondeo MK3 2.2TDCI Ghia X Have had it for quite a few years and in that time, has never let me down. It pulled a 25 foot caravan, sometimes forgetting it was there, got me to and from work and numerous trips to Scotland, when it become my home. Thought about getting a newer car but...

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