I am 44yrs old, divorced and i love getting tattoos done

apart from my mx5 my other intreasts are my dog andbuying d&b/jungle tracks on vinyl
19 May 1969 (Age: 55)
sutton, surrey
mk1 1.8 mazda mx5
Current Cars Mods.
I have just brought a mazda mk1 mx5 1.8, when I got it, it was already lowered, I'm guessing by about 20mm, not sure previous owner brought it like this too, first item on the agenda is coilovers, followed by sorting rest of the suspension, big brake kit and wheels, then its roll bars and harnesses, then finally onto engine, gearbox and lsd.
my dad was a mechanic who owned his own garage so I grew up around cars, its been a very long time since I worked on any though, that's changing now I've got my mx5, it is now time to build the road/track car I've been promising myself for a long time,


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