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    What ever happened to ??

    I'm still here :)
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    What's the biggest engine you've ever owned

    Biggest capacity would be the 4ltr Jeep Cherokee, Biggest power would be My Volvo 850 at around 450bhp.
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    My car in a magazine.

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    picks of my engine bay

    Just lowered all round, coilovers on the front and strong springs on the back. no body roll at all :)
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    picks of my engine bay

    Same car a couple of years later, handling was just fine as long as you have the suspension set up correctly :)
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    What's the story behind your nom-deplume ?

    Sister to Piper Alpha
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    picks of my engine bay

    I thought Rad might have made a comment on the picture of my old herald as he's from Australia :)
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    picks of my engine bay

    My old one,;)
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    picks of my engine bay

    Herald hinges forward, so it's more like a BMW Mini
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    Exactly how many mods have you done to your car ?

    I looked over mine the other day, and the only things still original on the car is what's left of the shell and the rear hatch (and even that's had the glass replaced with makrolon)
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    picks of my engine bay

    I've been wielding the angle grinder again :D
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    Diesel low mileage 05 x type 2.0 or high mileage mazda 6 2.2

    I'd check the sills very carefully on the Jag.
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    Mot change proposals

    I completely disagree, a car traveling up and down the motorway every day hardly has any wear and tear on it's components, where as a car pottering around town, up and down the gearbox, driving around roundabouts, going over speed bumps will have a lot harder life, but probably a tenth of the...
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    My Volvo was at 434bhp a couple of years ago with no issues.
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    Is it okay to fit a used flywheel & clutch kit ?

    I personally wouldn't fit a second hand dmf kit, if it was a single mass, I wouldn't be so concerned.

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