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    Suzuki swift sedan workshop manual

    Far as i can tell, the year model is '88-'90. Has G16A stamp on the block. Model is the four door sedan. I'm looking for a book (if there every was one) new or used. Searched up and down and can't believe that a vehicle produced in so many versions could have paperwork so hard to locate...
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    CB-22 carburetor to distributor vacuum lines?

    Hi! Found the Charade sub-forum after more thorough searching of the site. Should have earlier, but being mostly on dial-up with pay-card (Yikes), one eye is on the clock most of the time and one on the blank screen as the pages l-o-a-d. (Yes. I know this is stone-age but so am I, so...
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    MickieH wrote: "What are your plans?" Fairly simple. Just putting this one back as close to its original condition as affordable. Photos. Never thought about those. Sure wish now I'd taken them from the start.
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    Hello there. I'm in the Lesser Antilles. Restoring an ancient Daihatsu charade ( lots of fun, this one)..... The site is a valuable resource. The articles I've read here so far are a real pleasure as the authors are not afraid to debunk a lot of the nonsense (esp. that) associated with...