got a 350 quid fine not fookin happy

poped a fuel pipe and snapped a drive shaft and im still running her in!!!
fiesta 1.3 wrc
Current Cars Mods.
new engine from 02 plate ford ka, with reveised inlet manifold live mapped on rollers

ported n polished cylinder head, has also been skimmed to raise compression ratio, work carried out by minisport uk,

kent fast road cam kit, high tensile springs n followers,

high flo injectors and modified trottle body, + fuel rail

lightened + balenced flywheel + crank, crank polished to help raise rpm limit

heavy duty shells, FoMoCo oil pump,

fse power boost valve, KnN ind kit, ram air system,

miltek 4 branch manifold with custom 2" exhaust to a 4" tail with sports cat,

chrome plated rocker cover, pulleys and mounts, painted block, blue wire armour, s/steel ram pipe, blue silicon hoses(in places),

polly bushes throughout,

uprated calipers off a ford connect van, evo 40 drilled n grooved discs from an escort, mintex extreme pads,

strut braces, rear seats removed, full glass fibre install running 4000watt, (considering getting rid cos it weighs a ton)

X2 racing steering wheel, momo boss,
fast ford fanatic, have had 3 escorts (2 1.6 zetecs n a 1.4cvh) 2 fiestas (this one and an rst) and a 1.6 sierra saphire that was piss poor but fun in the snow
mechanic / engineer


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