Bodybuilding, Fast cars
South Africa
Audi RS4 & Audi S3
Current Cars Mods.
I have a 07' Audi RS4, I've done a full exhaust system, a custom Cold Air Induction & a custom map Unitronic Software upgrade (speed limeter removed aswell). Next on the list is a 25mm lower H&R springs and Koni Sport shocks all round.

I also have a 2001 Audi S3, I've done a full exhaust system, Induction, Boost pipes, SQ DV, Intercooler, Injectors, Fuel pump, Software. Next will be a turbo upgrade, Clutch upgrade, Branch exhaust manifold, H&R Lowering springs & 19" wheels.
Well I've loved cars since before I went to school, and speed..... What more can I say.
2nd Car
2001 Audi S3


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