Tuning the Jetta A6.

"More than just a Golf with a Boot, the Jetta is an all new package!"

The A6 Jetta was the first model to forgo the Golf's sedan body in favor of a completely original design. It's forbears were the Jetta A3 Jetta A4 (Bora)  and  Jetta A5 was succeeded by the A7.

Sadly some regions saw lots of cost cutting in the A6 over previous versions, mainly in terms of trim quality and options, but the underpinnings are solid and the Jetta A6 makes a great project car.

As VW focused on profit margins rather than making excellent automobiles, it had devolved into a run-of-the-mill family car. It was a lukewarm sedan rather than a scorching hatch.

Please watch our video introduction to VW Tuning.

Despite this, several of our members worked to improve it. With an anti roll bar, adjustable coil overs, and low profile tires, as well as a few other suspension adjustments, you can have Jetta A6 that's just as much fun as the original.

Since its premiere in North America on June 16th, 2010, Volkswagen's 6th Jetta has been dubbed the NCS (New Compact Sedan). It shares some of its underpinnings with the Golf Mk6's PQ35 platform.

Volkswagen Mexico worked closely with Volkswagen Germany on the sixth generation Volkswagen Jetta.

The Jetta was pulled from the premium small car market by Volkswagen's goal of growing sales in North America.

Then we shall look at the tuning options and best performance parts for your project and direct you to our detailed engine tuning guides.

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Best Engine Mods for your Jetta A6

  1. Engine Tunes - engine tuning/remapping provides the most advantage in terms of cost savings,  aftermarket ECUs, and piggyback ECUs are all alternatives.
  2. Suspension upgrades - add a decent set of coilovers to uprate your Jettas handling and will not prevent you from sticking to the road on heavy cornering.
  3. Fast road cams are one of the most significant mechanical changes, but they must be installed by someone who knows what they're doing and they are not always easy to source but you might find a local firm to regrind a stock camshaft.
  4. Intake and Exhaust - Note that on their own these mods will NOT ADD POWER in most cases, but they can help enhance power after other mods by removing the restriction.
  5. Upgrades to turbochargers - forced induction is the most efficient approach to increase air supply, allowing you to burn more fuel and make more power. It is one of the most costly upgrades but provides the best gains.
  6. Brake mods - make sure your braking matches your Jettas power .

Jetta A6 Tuning Stages

Typical stage 1 mods often include: Panel air filter, Sports exhaust, Alloy wheels, Lighter flywheel, Engine Tunes/Remapping, Suspension upgrade (drop 30-40mm).

Typical stage 2 mods often include: Power/Sport clutch, fuel pump upgrades, Fast road cam, high flow fuel injector, Ported and polished head.

Typical stage 3 mods often include: Engine balancing, Internal engine upgrades (pistons/head/valves), Adding or upgrading forced induction (turbo/supercharger), Sports gearbox, Competition cam.

A new Jetta A6, on the previous platform, offers an evolution rather than revolution, but why change a working concept.

Tuning tips and articles

Engine tuning Transmission tuning Care care Intake & exhaust mods Improve handling Forums

We now have many different revisions to the platform and the Jetta A6 remains a superb base for a tuning project thanks to all of the aftermarket tuning suppliers.

Jetta A6 remapping

What is it about OEM maps that makes them so bad?

Manufacturers do not want customers to be inconvenienced by mechanical difficulties or poor fuel economy, therefore they provide a large margin for error.

Because different countries utilize varied gasoline grades and have varying degrees of inclement weather, fudge is essential to keep all autos operating correctly globally.

The power of each vehicle varies by up to 10bhp depending on component quality and installation. Instead of tailoring timing maps for each vehicle, they use a one-size-fits-all approach that works well on all Jetta A6s coming off the assembly line.

So, if you're willing to maintain your Jetta A6 in top shape and use only high-quality fuels and components, tunes or remaps will drastically enhance engine power.

Furthermore, since the average TorqueCars reader will be upgrading components, a tune/remap makes logical. Any engine upgrader should think about remapping.

All modern turbocharged engines benefit from remaps, which increase power by 20-30%. TorqueCars strongly advises engine tuning/remapping turbocharged vehicles on a rolling road/dyno to fully enjoy your power increases.

How much does it cost to run a tuned/remapped Jetta?

Service your car more often, potentially at a shorter frequency.

A map tailored for high octane fuel will need the replacement of components that break as a result of the extra labor. Additional power puts more strain on components such as air flow sensors.

The weak points of an engine reemerge months after a remap.

A tune/remap will almost always show turbocharger and clutch problems. Furthermore, turbos may fail, and important components such as pistons and bearings must be kept in good working order.

Remaps for NASP Jettas?

Without a turbo, a tune/remap will only add a few BHP (10% is normal), so unless you've done a lot of changes, notably cams, pistons, increased compression, engine balance, air intake, exhaust, head work, larger valves, etc..., a tune/remap isn't really worth performing.

A tune/remap typically boosts boost from lower rpm, causing the turbo to run faster and hotter.

If you do not allow the turbo to cool, the oil may deteriorate, necessitating a costly turbo repair. Installing a turbo timer will also aid in engine cooling.

Be careful of the peak Power Claims made by engine tuning/remapping businesses.

Tuners have been known to generate a power blip or surge in order to attract attention.

Take note of the figure below: instead of providing power across the complete torque curve, the more spectacular sounding 200bhp map (shown in red) merely provides a power blip, with poor performance everywhere else.

The green trace, on the other hand, shows a continuous increase in power throughout the RPM range, and although only 175bhp, it is much better than the factory map and far better than the 200hp map.

It also shows peak power at 4000rpm, which is excellent for an engine that redlines at 7000rpm.

We want to see a beautiful smooth torque rise and drop off with no dips or troughs on a chart.

Jetta A6 Engines

We have detailed tuning guides for the following VAG group engines. (More will be added soon.) many of which would make interesting engine swap projects on your A6 Jetta.

The engines are powerful, and the compact, light body makes it a joy to drive. VW has continued to build on the winning formula over the years, with some incredible engine and chassis configurations.

There are people in our community that is working on Jetta A6 tuning projects ranging from engine swaps to VR6 conversions to 8 and 16 valve head conversions.

Adding more powerful engines felt like the next natural step, and we've seen successful conversions to the 1.8TFsi and VR6 blocks.

The 2.0 TFSi engine is one of the greatest we've ever worked with and we've written a guide to this engine and it would work really well in your Jetta A6 and make a great basis for upgrades and mods.

Engine modifications for the Jetta A6

We advise a complete induction package with a cold air supply on bigger engines (1.8 and more) and turbos. We propose a panel air filter consisting of a high flow material, such as cotton gauze, for smaller engines and diesel variations.

A fast road cam would increase the peak power band in most engines, and with a tune/remap on a turbo model, it is one of the greatest tuning choices available to you.

The early 1.9TDi, 1.8T, and 2.0TDi engines are all excellent and provide dependable power for your customized Jetta A6 project.

The 2000 VAG 1.8T engine is one of the most tunable engines available, and it can be readily modified to produce more than 300 BHP without the need for internal strengthening (albeit a bigger turbo/injector upgrade and tune/remap would be required to do this).

The subsequent  2.0 TFSi engine is a true stormer of an engine and a suitable successor to the 1.8T, with a plethora of choices. With simply a tune/remap and a few additional tweaks, you can generate a lot of power.

You should try to preserve as much low-end torque as possible and strive for a broad power band over the rpm range rather than a limited top-end power increase. Many of our members have achieved power ratings in excess of 200bhp with a simple ECU tune/remap that has had no negative consequences.

The Jetta A6 has a reputation for being a dependable vehicle that retains its resale value well.

When purchasing one, look for a thorough service history since oil changes must be kept up with, particularly on turbo versions.

There have been several complaints of sludge issues with 1.8 models if oil changes are not performed or the incorrect grade is used; check our 1.8T page for a detailed reference to this engine.

The TDI engines have evolved significantly over the years, and the Jetta A6 2.0 TDI engines offer one of the finest efficiency to power ratios for a modern production engine.

With a remap, power may be increased to 220 BHP (depending on the basic spec) while still achieving 50+ MPG. With a turbo modification, you can get power estimates of about 300bhp, but traction will be a problem at these levels.

VW Jetta A6 Exhaust upgrades

Replace your exhaust only if it is impeding your performance. Even with little power improvements, most factory exhausts will flow easily, but if you want to go much farther, you'll need a better flowing exhaust.

Exhausts designed for racing may aid improve engine airflow, however, a broad exhaust may reduce flow velocity.

At all times, aim for a thickness of 1.5-2.5 inches. An aftermarket performance catalyst may be able to recover that lost power without the need for unlawful catalyst removal, enabling the vehicle to stay legal for use on public roads.


Because the larger size and surface area of a sports catalyst removes this limitation and allows the vehicle to perform as it would without a catalyst, it is comparable to a test pipe modification while still keeping your car street legal.

This means that a sports catalyst improves performance to the level anticipated without a catalyst while still allowing your car to be driven on public roads.

Because removing a catalyst is prohibited in most places and areas (and in others, you can't even replace a functional catalyst), the catless mod or catalyst removal should be regarded an off-road only modification.

VW Jetta A6 Turbo upgrades and Mods

Read our detailed guide to VAG group turbos.

The VAG company has introduced a range of turbocharged engines to its cars in recent years, so let's take a look at these turbocharged engines, their differences, and your best upgrade options. Read our comprehensive guide to VAG group turbos.

We also take a look at turbo power limitations. You can push a turbo over its safe limits, but the turbo's lifespan will be reduced. You will hear a whining or siren sound before the turbo fails, followed by smoke.

You should attempt to replace it at this time. A turbo failure may cause considerable engine damage, especially if a compressor fails.

Which turbochargers were installed in the Jetta A6?

The newest versions of the dependable VAG K03, K03s, and K04 turbochargers are the IHI IS12, IS20, and IS38 turbochargers. The IS12 stock turbo is used by Audi and VW 1.8t MQB engines, whilst the IS20 utilises 2.0t MQB engines.

The IS38 is famous for its ability to produce 370 horsepower (with the proper add-ons).

It is a popular IHI turbo because of its durability. IS38 turbos have advantages, and it is standard in some performance models such as the VW Jetta A6 R, Arteon, S3, and TTS.

As a result, the IS38 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking superior performance and longevity.

The IS38 is likewise a bolt-on turbo with great turbo power at higher RPMs.

A wide range of hybrid models with improved housing and impeller designs for improved performance.

IS12/IS20 Replacement with High Performance

Many car fans have switched from the older IS12 and IS20 turbo to the newer IS38.

Why Should You Replace your Turbocharger?

Here are some of the reasons why people change or upgrade their turbos:

  • One of the most significant power boosters is turbocharger upgrade.
  • Turbos lose performance with time and must be replaced.
  • Newer turbos feature more add-on options and incorporate new technology.

Jetta A6 Turbo Upgrades That Work

We recommend that you carefully investigate your source since there are many bogus and low-quality turbo units on the market. Install a low-cost turbo upgrade, and you'll be doing it again in six months. Choosing a turbo with the following additional features is also a smart idea:


Failure to do so may result in lean running or limp home mode, as well as fault codes. A factory ECU will only slightly lower fuelling, and you'll be wasting the opportunity.

Here are alternatives to the stock K04 turbo:

  • SH Stigan 847-1435 SKU 40-30002
  • AW BorgWarner 53049500001 SKU 40-30003

It is the same as swapping a VAG turbo to a different model. While the technique varies from vehicle to vehicle, various stages may be included:

  • Changing the diameter of the exhaust pipe
  • Intercoolers and various types of cooling systems
  • A wastegate modification
  • Catalysts with less restrictions
  • Changing out the mufflers
  • The fuel pump
  • A brand new boost controller.
  • Fuel injectors have been replaced.

The following list may seem onerous at first look, however, the chores necessary differ based on the vehicle. Aside from the aforementioned factors, the engine compartment architecture and layout have an impact on how difficult it is to transfer a turbo from a different model.

It is possible that the exhaust and intake pipes may need to be reconfigured, and space may be restricted.

Jetta A6 Turbo Hybrids

Why Are Hybrid Superchargers Available? While Stigan, IHI, and BorgWarner all manufacture turbochargers, many people believe that hybrid turbochargers are necessary for peak power gains.

They produce hybrid turbochargers by combining high-performance parts from several suppliers. These hybrid turbochargers are intended to outperform factory turbochargers.

Do Jetta A6 Hybrid Turbos Perform the Same as OEM Turbos?

To achieve extreme performance, a hybrid turbo may have a single component or even the whole OEM turbo replaced. Hybrid turbos are unique in that they are not serialized. While these turbochargers seem to be stock, the upgraded inner components promise much-enhanced performance.

Hybrid turbos provide improved performance.

Because they blend the best of the greatest characteristics, hybrid turbos beat regular turbos in terms of responsiveness and performance.

A well engineered hybrid turbo boosts pressure and flow rates while maintaining a safe turbine speed.

This extends the life of the components. You get what you pay for with hybrid turbos. Stock turbos need several compromises, but the fundamental advantage of hybrid turbos is that you get what you pay for.

IHI IS38 remapping

With a Decat Exhaust*, this turbo can be tuned/remapped to 370 horsepower, making it ideal for Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen enthusiasts! The IS38 turbocharger for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles gives best-in-class performance after remapping.

Jetta A6 Handling Modifications

The body components of the Jetta A6 are robust and sturdy, so if you wanted to save weight, a carbon fibre bonnet and front wings might save you a lot of money.

The first Jetta A6 alteration you do is to adjust the suspension. Lowering the automobile by 30-40 mm and installing stronger springs will sharpen the ride and increase your driver's pleasure of the vehicle.

Many Jetta A6 owners prioritize suspension adjustments to improve the handling of their vehicles, which will undoubtedly boost your pleasure of the vehicle.

Most Jetta A6 factory suspension settings need tuning; a few degrees of toe out for cornering or toe in for stability, -0.8 to 1.3, and a touch of negative camber will significantly enhance your cornering and handling.

Drop the vehicle by up to 26mm - 39mm and install performance firmer dampers; larger drops will usually need extra modifications.

Front-wheel-drive variants will perform better if a limited-slip differential or a semi-locking differential. Lower gear ratios will increase acceleration as well.

A6 Jetta Brake Mods

Purchasing brakes from the VR, Audi RS3, and Porsche provides an OEM answer to your braking issues. Large discs and pads significantly improve the braking responsiveness of the Jetta A6.

It comes to mind first that bigger brake discs are needed to improve your Jettas braking, but don't forget about the pads. These are more important than the discs, and bad pads can make your Jetta's handling badly wayward when it comes to stopping as well as creating annoying noise.

If you want to be able to stop quickly, you need those brakes to work effectively.

So  this is how a brake is supposed to work: A friction pad is pressed against the disc, which turns kinetic energy into heat.

This heat dissipates, slowing down the car's forward speed. There is a lot of heat buildup in the brakes when you do a lot of braking. This is seen in nighttime motorsports, where the brakes glow with heat after a lot of use.

When you press the brake pedal, the force is sent to a magic box called a servo, which uses the power from the engine to make your foot pressure even more powerful. This gives you a nice, gradual feeling and allows progressive braking, us oldies will know what it was like before we had servos and ABS and I doubt any of us would want to go back.

The extra pressure comes from a tube filled with braking fluid that goes to the friction pads and puts more pressure on them (liquids do not compress like air).

The braking fluid itself can get very hot near the end of the hot brake pad. This puts more strain on the brake fluid.

Brake fluids are hygroscopic (they attract water particles) and can boil at high temperatures. Air bubbles in the brake fluid can make the brake feel spongy at best and completely stop the brake from working at worst, which is why you need to change the fluid every few months.

See the article on Brake Fade for more information about this.

Brake pad choice

The pad spreads the heat from the brakes over the discs, so the cooler the disc, the better.

Vented Discs: Having a vent in the middle of a disc makes it easier and faster for the disc to cool down.

Help keep your pads "clean and sharp" by increasing the air ratio and keeping gas from building up between the pad and the disc. Drilled discs also make it easier to clean the pads. You'll be able to cool down better with bigger discs, but they may require a different alloy wheel.

Avoid race spec brake pads for your daily driven Jetta

It doesn't matter if the high friction brake pads make noise and dust. A high friction compound is used to make racing pads, and it works best when the temperature is high.

It's not good to use race-grade brake pads on the road when braking is done on cold pads or in short bursts. They only work when they're very hot.

This is what TorqueCars writers think about the brake pads from Ferodo, Pagid and Black Diamond. They think they're a good balance between stopping power and wear and thoroughly recommend them.

A lot of high-performance brake pads don't make a lot of brake dust and last longer than normal brake pads, even though how you drive will affect the pads and discs. When the ABS senses that the wheel is stuck, it lets go of the brake until the wheel moves again.

If you're not a mechanic, you won't be able to do this mod safely. Torquecars recommend that if you want to avoid accidents, you should leave the brake work to the experts.

Improve your brakes.

A car's stopping power can be made significantly better. Normally, you'd buy new discs and pads at service time but it makes sense to upgrade these at this point. A bigger disc will have more friction and spread out more heat, so you will start to benefit right away.

With a big disc conversion kit, you will be able to feel the brakes better and be able to tell when the car starts to lock up more quickly.

Cheap brake upgrades for your Jetta

If you have a basic family car with small discs, you may easily and cheaply purchase brake discs and servos from a performance model in the same family.

The performance brakes (if they fit into the alloy wheels or you need to acquire wider rims) are normally standard on a small family car.

Trying to figure out what parts small cars have in common with bigger cars can help you figure out what to do. Brakes from VW, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, and Seat are interchangeable because most hubs are interchangeable.

Jetta A6 Alloy wheel upgrades.

Because alloys are lightweight, they boost performance and assist to keep the brake discs cool.

We'd like to remind out that, although huge alloy wheels look good on the Jetta A6, they actually reduce performance. The higher you go, the slower you will accelerate due to the shift in your effective final drive ratio.

With this in mind, we recommend adhering to a maximum wheel size of 17 or  18 inches. Although we know some of our members have gone bigger with no difficulties, it does limit the handling.

Pay close attention to the weight of the rim and tire, since this unsprung weight has a significant impact on handling.

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